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Signature Rent A Car Quality Service

Signature Rent a Car was founded in 2000 with the goal of providing high-quality customer service. For 15 years, we have striven to fulfill this goal in every way possible.

When the car rental agency where Sami Nasser had worked for 10 years shut its doors, Nasser decided it was time to start his own venture and offer top service to past (and future!) clientele. Having worked for Interamerican Car Rental in 3 of their locations, Nasser knew the workings of Florida’s car rental industry. He sought to base his company on the unique needs of locals and visitors. Signature now provides the best quality of service to customers who come from around the world, as well as local Americans.

When Nasser opened Signature Rent a Car, he began with only 5 used vehicles and a single location. With methods tried and true from a decade in the industry, Nasser began to expand his company dramatically. Today, it is one of Florida’s preferred car rental agencies.

Our Fleet
In 2015, Signature Rent a Car has 4 locations, more than 10 incredible members of staff, and a fleet of 150 brand new vehicles in the state of Florida. Our fleet contains Nissan, Ford, GM, Infiniti, and Toyota. But of course, our customers just can’t get enough of our convertibles!

Signature deals with 300-500 clientele a month, and we are constantly bringing in new cars to make sure our clients have top quality vehicles. You never have to worry about worn out vehicles or messy interiors with Signature.


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