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Take a Road Trip From Miami to Key West

Florida is a popular vacation spot for more than just Miami. Key West has attracted a wave of tourists in the past century for its laissez-faire, carefree atmosphere and gorgeous beaches. Fortunately, with your Miami luxury car rentals, you have the option to take a road trip down from Miami to Key West. The drive is so short that you can even restrict the visit to a day trip.

The drive

If you rise and shine early enough, you’ll be able to make the visit to Miami in a day round trip in your Miami luxury car rentals. The drive is 164.6 miles, running around 3.5 hours (depending on traffic) along the US-1 S. On the way, you’ll catch sight of the various other keys leading to Key West, which is the furthest most key.

However, it’s unlikely you’ll want this trip to be just for a day. Key West is a land of delicious seaside restaurants and bars that welcome you warmly into Margaritaville. Unless you have a dedicated designated driver for your Miami luxury car rentals, it’s probably better to rent a hotel room for the night so you can get the full experience.

One of the wonderful things about Key West is that you won’t need to drive much. You can park your Miami luxury car rentals at the hotel, and walk the entire time you’re there. This allows you to see much more, and negate the hassle of finding parking.

Ernest Hemingway in Key West

One stop you’ll want to make while in Key West is Ernest Hemingway’s House. Located at 907 Whitehead St. in Key West, the home has been turned into a museum. The Spanish Colonial styled edifice, which was originally constructed in 1851, was Ernest Hemingway’s home, office, and social headquarters while in Florida.

You will be able to see Hemingway’s office behind the house, as well as parts of his hefty collection of books, and a photo of the one-of-a-kind statue that Pablo Picasso made for Hemingway in their friendship. Unfortunately, a thief has since attempted to steal the statue, only to trip and shatter the piece beyond repair on his getaway.

Hemingway’s house is home to the famous 6-toed cats. As you wander the grounds, you’ll see a cat cemetery, cat drinking fountains, and dozens of 6-toed felines roaming about.

A fishy trip

While in Key West, you can’t go a day without some spectacular fresh seafood. Stop to grab a bag of fresh caught steamed stone crab from one of the little sellers. These are edible straight from the bag, and make a delicious snack on a warm Florida afternoon.

No trip would be complete without feeding the wild tarpon on the harbor. Tarpon can weigh more than 200 lbs and get to as much as 8 feet in length – that’s one huge fish! Stop at Islamorada at Robbie’s Restaurant to buy a $3 bait bucket. The tarpon’s small teeth may make marks but it won’t hurt too much. They will just be happy to eat the bait you’re offering!

No matter where you are in the keys, you’ll find fresh local fish dishes at the restaurants and pubs. There’s nothing like a meal that’s been caught that morning!

Hopping down Duval

Duval Street is one of Key West’s most famous attractions. This mile long road is known for its numerous pubs (including some clothing option clubs, like The Garden of Eden), and gorgeous Victorian Mansions. Don’t miss out on the Key West Icon – the Green Parrot Bar.

Key lime delights

What’s a trip to the keys without a few key lime desserts? Make sure to grab a slice of key lime pie – and maybe buy one to bring back to Miami. You’ll also want to load up your Miami luxury car rentals with the delightful key lime candies that you can find in a variety of shops. Other treats are available, of course, including jellies and soaps. You would be shocked at what can be created with a few little key limes and a Key West imagination!

Don’t miss out on a visit to Key West this summer. Reserve your Miami luxury car rentals from Signature Rent a Car today.


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