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Travel Tips and Info for Miami

maxresdefaultMiami has always been an American hotspot, where both American citizens and travelers flock to soak up the sun. But is it as simple as arriving and checking in to your resort? Not always. While you have started off on the right step if you’ve rented your Miami car rentals from Signature Rent-A-Car, there’s still a good amount to learn before setting off for a flawless vacation.

Signature has all the tips and tricks you’ll need. A Miami vacation can be smooth and hassle-free if you plan and stay informed.

Best time to visit

Most people would agree that winter is the best time to visit Florida. You can escape the cold of the northern states or Canada (or wherever else you may be traveling from) and enjoy the warm breeze of a Miami beach. From January until March, you’ll get a warm, dry climate with little chance of rain. This is also around the time when Florida is its busiest.

If you want to avoid the crowds, we’d recommend visiting from April to June – around now is the best time. The climate is warm, though a little wetter. However, the benefit of that is the lushness of the flora, and the rich, verdant quality of the ecosystems. Despite the rain, temperatures remain between 80-90 degrees F – certainly not temperatures to complain about! You’ll definitely want Miami car rentals with air conditioning to escape the heat.

From July until October you’ll save money with significantly decreased prices, but you’re also at increased risk. This is hurricane season, and there’s no guarantee that you won’t be end up stuck in Miami with heavy rains. If you do end up in Miami during hurricane season (which can begin even as early as June), you’ll want to keep the hurricane hotline number handy to track storms and warnings: 305-468-5400.

Areas to avoid in Miami

Like any other metropolis, Miami has areas that you’ll want to avoid driving your Miami car rentals through or walking through at night. Avoid the areas below 5th St and South Beach at night, where you’re likely to find raving alcoholics and drug addicts. In downtown Miami near the Greyhound station, overpasses, causeways, and bridges you’ll find shantytowns with the homeless and refugee communities. While these communities aren’t necessarily dangerous, they are areas to avoid if walking at night. People in desperate situations can resort to desperate measures, and you want to keep yourself safe.

Liberty City and Little Haiti are both bad for mugging. Also infamous for mugging is Overtown from 14th St to 20th St, and certain sections of the Miami riverfront. If you are planning on having a few drinks with dinner and would like to avoid driving your Miami car rentals, we’d recommend getting a cab rather than walking through these areas after nightfall.

Parking in Miami

Parking your Miami car rentals is the same as parking car rentals in any big city – good spots are hard to find, and tend to be expensive when you do. While there are no specific spots we can recommend, as there are no guarantees in this city, we can recommend a great app or two. One is Parking Panda. This smartphone app will allow you to find guaranteed spots for purchase. Buying parking is often your safest way to ensure that you have a spot to rest your Miami car rentals while you’re off exploring on foot or by sea.

Another top notch app is ParkMe – Miami Beach. This app will show you where there are vacant parking spots near you. Avoid the fuel and simply look it up on your smartphone.

Reserve your Miami car rentals from Signature Rent-A-Car today to begin your hassle-free Florida vacation.


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